Saturday, April 26, 2008

Week in New York

Alguns fios tem uma textura tão bonita que merecem um close. Este foi usado para fazer o xale publicado em 31 de agosto de 2007.
Semana que vem estarei em Nova York! Desejo a todos ótima semana!

Some yarns are have such a beautiful texture that deserve a close shot. This one was used to make the shawl posted on August 31, 2007.
Next week I'll be in New York! I wish you all a very nice week!


Seraphine said...

Hugs. Have a fun time in New York!
I love that yarn. You have a wonderful eye for finding such things, the little treasures that make life wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Have fun in NYC!

atelier said...

You are so lucky! I wish I could go to NYC next week too!! hihi. Have fun and take a lot of pics to show us! bon voyage;) The yarn looks great

The Seeker said...

That yarn's combo is great.

Have fun in NY enjoy the most, we'll wait for pictures :D


hannah said...

that is gorgeous. it reminds me of sand and the ocean, because of the colors.

Kira Fashion said...

olá querida!!!

vc arrasa indo a NY!
te desejo uma ótima viagem e muitas fotos aqui com suas criações para postar!

beijos e abraços,

WendyB said...

Welcome to NYC!

capturedlife said...

ooooooohmygod!! have fun in NY!

molly said...

oooh have so much fun!

Charlotte said...

The yarn looks great! Have fun in New York.

Romeika said...

Bela textura, vc realmente usa materiais de excelente qualidade, percebe-se nas fotos. E vc viaja tanto, e agora pra NY, que maravilha deve ser!:-)

Anonymous said...

I needed a bit of a break, went through a break of a long-term live-in partner, eek. Still dealing, but trying to get back into the swing of life.

Charlotte said...

Enjoy your trip to NY! Send us some beautiful pictures!

coco said...

Have a great time in New York
I wish I was going too!

ღ mey ♥¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨♥ღ said...

i wanted to be in ny!
lucky girl, enjoy it

auahuahauhauauh xoxo

Seraphine said...

*sigh* you're in new york, and i'm here. it's so unfair. i'll bet right now you are shopping for yard instead of going to the theatre, aren't you?

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I'm glad you took this close up.
I love the ones with gold or metallic threads, they make for funky scarves!

She's Dressing Up said...

This is such a beautiful image, I love the colours

Cate said...

wow, have a fun time in new york!!!

haha the close shot of the wool reminds me of a close shot of my cousin's dreadlocks ^^

Ana said...

That texture is cool.
Have fun in NYC

Dani said...

This is beautiful. A trama é linda.

Molly :] said...

That is a lovely yarn. Your so superb at your crochet. I so wish i could learn...
Have fun in NYC!
Hope you are well x

Debbie Shiamay said...

Love the colors... please show us more of ur amazing works!!

Kira Fashion said...


acabei de postar uma foto linda com peça em tricô e claro que só podia incicar vc para visitas de referência para o link do dia!

beijos e abraços!


Kira Fashion said...


Obrigada pelo seu carinho!
Eu jurava que vc já estava há tempos nos meus favoritos, mas acho que me enganei!
erro corrido, amo seu trabalho! vc é demais!!!

até logo,

Kira Fashion said...


Mais uma vez, obrigada pelo seu carinho!!!
és linda!

beijos e abraços,


Kira Fashion said...

OLá Carolina!

Um beijo pra vc querida!!!

beijos e até logo!

muito frio aí em sampa?

Kira Fashion said...

ah, me adiciona aos seus favoritos aqui!

Cate said...

how was new york?

Seraphine said...

aren't you back from new york yet?
the world is waiting
tick tock tick tock tick
a train is stopped
the track doesn't look familiar
did someone change it
while everyone
was watching the sunrise?
you hardly notice the morning come
darkness sneaks like fog
a particle at a time
it's day, and people are stretching
were we really in new york
and where did it go after we left?
is home so far away?

Kira Fashion said...

Então foi a mesma coisa!
tinha certeza que já está há meses nos meus fav.!
mil beijos!

pangea said...

i would love to see your face